Me + The DH Scholarly Landscape

Digital Humanities as a field opens up the possibilities for publishing, collaborations, and the way new kinds of research gets put out in the world. One of the topics we’ve discussed over the past few weeks in this class was “what counts” as DH and also making it count for your tenure case or academic portfolio. As someone who is very much engaged in collaborative projects with hopes to do digital work, I see DH as a space for collaboration across the academy. In writing studies and technical communication, engaging in digital and multimedia projects for research is not new, but what I find value in DH work is the opportunities it lends in doing research with those in fields whose work is traditionally print or not in digital spaces. Even in writing studies, the tools DH offers presents new opportunities for more people to have access to the information and helps us think of ways we might present our research. When doing these kinds of projects that are not traditional, there are more things to consider of course. Questions on accessibility and access, representation and paywalls that might prevent certain projects to be released in ideal formats. But most importantly as I consider the field of DH and where I fit, I think it goes back to the kinds of research one is doing and thinking broadly about how to represent that information. DH allows us scholars to dream big and imagine new possibilities when working together on grant funded projects in the community or across the hall in different departments on campus. It opens the door for podcast, blog sites, and more.


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