NEH Grant Proposal Abstract

Abstract (Draft)

This project seeks to develop an interactive and educational website for a nonprofit organization in Lansing, MI. The project is an IRB approved research project that was started to allow those who have experienced homelessness to share their stores and ultimately remove the social stigmas surrounded with homelessness while educating the general public. The stories of several participants have been recorded and will be featured in a documentary that is currently being produced. However, there are several elements to this project that have yet to be addressed. Once the stories have been recorded and transcribed, the question of where will these audio recordings live digitally, how will they reach the public, and finally, how can the public be educated on issues surrounding homelessness? What I am proposing is a interactive website that incorporates the audio from each participant while also allowing their narratives to be digitalized through visuals and text. In addition, the website will be interactive and have educational materials for the public to download that center on homelessness with resources in the community. This project will make a contribution to humanities scholarship by showing how a community engaged project can act as a resource for scholars and lay people from various backgrounds.


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