Audience & Personas

Last week our class readings focused on audience, engagement, and personas. Being in a rhetoric and writing program I was familiar with the concepts being discussed and was particularly drawn to the conversations surrounding personas. In Shlomo Goltz article he defines persona as “a way to model, summarize and communicate research about people who have been observed or researched in some way. ” Designers and marketing strategist will sometimes use personas as a way to understand their target audience and how to make a memorable experience for different kinds of users based on their characteristics, and qualities determined from data and observations. Creating a persona does require having gathered information about the users through many different methods such as interviews or large databases.

Although I have not gathered information about the audience for my future research study I will attempt to draft personas based on what I’ve come across lately during my time navigating digital spaces for black millenials.

Persona 1: Rae – The Naturalista

Rae loves anything to do with natural hair. She joined the natural hair movement 4 years ago after her roommate encouraged her to “go natural” and join the BSU group at their college (a large PWI in the Midwest). Since joining the natural hair movement Rae has transitioned to using all natural skin and hair products as well, and identities as a part time Vegan. On the weekends she loves to do Yoga and read a good book. She believes the Black experience is all about living your best life while keeping your peace at all costs.

Persona 2: Eli

Eli is from the city and loves to express himself through his style. You can always catch him wearing a complete outfit styled from head to toe. He is passionate about supporting Black owned business and mentoring college students  and educating them on generational wealth. As a recent graduate he is working on building his own business and does consulting work on the side. He loves to travel, network, and meet others. He believes the Black experience is all about sharing knowledge within the Black community and supporting one another.

Persona 3: Sydney

Sydney is a serial entrepreneur and recently launched a nonprofit, making this her second business she has started in the last year. She graduated from college three years ago and is focused on living her best life as a young black millennial. She enjoys attending empowerment events for women, and is a contributing writer to a popular lifestyle blog. Her goal is to one day be a leading voice in the business and nonprofit world and attends monthly seminars and webinars to gain more knowledge and experience. She is recently engaged and lives with her fiance who also is .an entrepreneur. Her view on the Black experience is success will only come through hard work and service to others in the community.



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